Opening Hours

  • Fort national in St malo
National Fort reopens to visit on June 4th, 2024


All tours of the Fort are commented by an experienced guide who will greet you at the top of the drawbridge.


They last about 35 minutes. Accessible by foot at low tide, the Fort National invites you to cross its drawbridge across the centuries.


The visit of the bastion, whose granite walls are part of the rock, will bring you back to life more than three centuries of the military life of the Fort : from the imposing tank to the ammunition dungeon, legendary maritime attacks to the epic duels of the privateer Robert Surcouf, memories of Chateaubriand during the tragic hours of the Second World War. The text of the visit is made available to foreign visitors in the following languages : English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

Prices for Individuals
Adults : 5 €
Child ( 6 - 16 years old ) : 3 €

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