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L'histoire de la ville de Saint Malo, passe par le Fort National

the "fort" to defend Saint-Malo

Former Fort Royal, Fort National was built in 1689 by engineer Siméon Garengeau according to plans by Vauban and on the orders of King Louis XIV, along the ramparts of Saint Malo which he defense. Advanced bastion of the city privateer, it is all the fortifications which were to Fort La Latte.

On 26 November 1693, a fleet of 30 Anglo-Dutch ships appeared off the coast of Cape Frehel. Having bombed the Fort La Latte and Ebihiens Island, the fleet headed towards Saint Malo, bringing with it an infernal machine designed to break the corsair city. For nearly two years, workers who never leaves worked in the Tower of London to design a mysterious nave under the orders of Prince William of Orange.

The ship measured 84 feet long, had 3 bridges, weighing 300 tons and included 23 guns. To better approach the coast than it does Calaita 7 feet. Its sails were black and the sides filled with powder, bombs and shrapnel.

On 29 November 1693, the Fort de la Conchée and Cézembre Island fell to the power of the enemy whose aim was now to take Fort Royal. While the Fort Royal supported the bombing of the enemy fleet, the vessel infernal become detached from the squadron and sailed to St. Malo. But while he ran along the line of rocks that extends from Fort Royal Fort de la Reine, a violent gale from the west collapsed on the ship and the precipitation on the reefs. The occupants did the time to ignite. But as the ship exploded, shredding and projecting on the city of scrap iron and scrap. The vessel had exploded before reaching the walls. Prince William of Orange had any property calculated. His goal was to reach the Tower Bidouane then used gunpowder in Saint Malo. A storm arose and protected and Saint-Malo to certain destruction. The gun and bullets that are in the Fort from this machine.



 A Saint Malo, découvrez le Fort National
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