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L'histoire de la ville de Saint Malo, passe par le Fort National

Témoin games Chateaubriand and a famous duel Surcouf

On the beach, near the Fort, Chateaubriand (1768-1848) child, climbing the breakwater and current in the waves, playing with his comrades. He tells himself in his "Mémoires d'Outre Tombe" being a days it fell with the waves, their last good old up their cotillons to save the reckless.

Chateaubriand is also buried in the Ile du Grand Bé a few hundred yards from the Fort National. The Fort was also the scene of the most picturesque events:

It is indeed at the foot of Fort Royal the famous privateer Robert Surcouf (1773-1827) supported only 12 against Prussian officers, one of the most famous duels in history. "The race is not piracy (...).

It remains a military expedition sanctioned by the state. Each wore a privateer letter of marque which authorized. Without this letter, the master, then presumed attacker, had been connected to its grand'vergue. French privateers were the first in the world, and among them, the people of Dunkirk and Saint-Malo. Remember that five years of struggle, Privateering if we took 375 British vessels, privateers of France amarinèrent or coulèrent 2266 English ships or allies. "From Surcouf, corsair by Jean de la Varende.

la prise du Kent par la Confiance commandée par R. Surcouf
illustration de Gustave Alaux
Robert Surcouf

Robert Surcouf

Robert Surcouf et le duel contre les 12 prussiens
illustration de Gustave Alaux
 A Saint Malo, découvrez le Fort National
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